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Apktool M APK is an extremely well-designed mobile APK modding app that allows the user to modify their game APKs from either an APK file or form a game app directly. – Apktool M is arguably the best such decompilation, modifification and compilation tool for the purpose of game hacking and cheating on Android, requires no root to work, and a Download is recommended for anyone that is serious about game hacking on Android.

About Apktool M

Apktool M has been created by a Russian Android developer that goes by ‘Maximoff’. It is one of the best if not the best tool for decompiling APKs, creating APK mods, modifying APK files, recompiling and running / making your own APK mods. The app is being kept up-to-date and working regularly and works flawlessly.

Just like other similar APK editor and APK mod creation apps, Apktool M allows you to decompile APKs form files and from apps, view and modify almost all the decompiled files easily and without crashes. The user-interface is great, easy to use and makes the process as easy as it can be, making this app one of the best tools for modding apps and games on Android. Apktool M can be run without a root.

Overall, a good APK modification tool is vital for anyone looking to seriously mod / hack games on Android and will be extremely useful in many games. Apktool may just be the best and most versatile app in this category. Newbies will have to follow tutorials to achieve success, but simple changes in offline and online games should be easy enough for anyone.


  • Decompile APKs from .APK or from installed apps
  • Decompile and rebuild game apps
  • View and modify all kinds of files contained in the game resources
  • Root access not required
  • Application is 100% free and compatible with Android 4+
  • Arguably best app for crating APK mods on Android

How to use

  1. Run Apktool M
  2. Select file/game you want to mod
  3. Decompile game APK
  4. Browse and edit APK contents to hack the game
  5. Uninstall the original unmodified game
  6. Rebuild / compile and install the modified game

How to install

  1. Got to your Android Settings > Security > Allow installation from Unknown Sources
  2. Download the Apktool M File and install it
  3. Start Apktool
  4. Enjoy