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An APK Mod for Blockman Go is the mainstream way of cheating in the game due to its relative ease of use, easy access and it being the main cheating method on Android, the most popular mobile operating system to play Blockman Go on. – While there is a great variety of working and legitimate cheating methods and APK features out there, such as aimbots, wallhacks, physics cheats, radar, speedhacks and similar options, any and all generators /tools or downloads claiming to give players unlimited Diamonds, free Cubes, infinite Gold / Cash / Money and VIP are impossible, fake and will therefore never work.

Blockman Go Mod APK

Modding, rather the use of game mods, is currently the easiest, most popular and most accessible method of game hacking available to Blockman Go players. While the process or downloading and installing APK mods for Android, the most popular mobile gaming platform out there, is not entirely without hassle, it is a piece of cake when compared to the alternative methods of cheating, such as the use of memory editors, packet editing and similar cheating software. APK mods or modded / hacked game APK files are versions of the original game files that have been decompiled, reverse-engineered and modified to offer advanced features that can give player unfair advantages right out of the box after installation. Generally these mods will be downloaded as an APK file and an OBB file, both being necessary to install the Blockman Go mod correctly. Here it is important to follow the installation instructions very carefully to not risk a ban, using alternative accounts and emulators is recommended before using any modified client on your main device and account. While some modded games may require no root to install of some devices and setups, many will require a rooted Android device, which is where emulators can be extremely useful if you are not willing to risk your physical Android gaming device.

Possible Features

Here is a short list of the APK mod features one may be able to expect from a legitimate mod. These options are potentially possible, but what is actually possible at any given time depends on the actual current build / version of the game, server-side processing, server checks, the minigame you are playing within Blockman Go and other factors an can change with any update:

  • Auto aim / aimbots
  • Wallhacks, ESP cheats, seeing through walls
  • Automated actions, farming bots & scripts
  • Speedhacks for faster movement
  • Physics hacks for flying, jumping higher ect.
  • Teleportation over short distances potentially
  • Walking through walls (noclip)
  • Semi god-modes, unlimited ammo, less damage, damage hacks
  • Skin unlock cheats (only you can see the skin)
  • Disable Ads
  • Enable emulators, mouse and keyboard controls
  • Private server connection

Impossible Features

These are mod features that are impossible in Blockman Go due to server processing and other factors. If you find these trainer / cheat options advertised, do not trust the tool or download under any circumstances:

  • God mode (unlimited health)
  • Unlimited money, free gCubes / cubes, free VIP and Diamonds
  • Free in-game purchases
  • Free Skins (other players can see your skin)
  • Instant win, kill all
  • Money mods, unlimited gold
  • Invisibility (be invisible to players and NPCs)

Money Mods & Cube Generators

While it would be quite nice to have mods for unlimited free bCubes, gCubes, Money / Gold / Cash, Diamonds, VIP and free in-app purchases in Blockman Go, none of these cheats are possible due to server-side processing: Any tool, software, app or other means of game hacking is only able to modify data on the device it is installed or performed on, meaning you can only change data that is stored on a device that you control, meaning your Android device or emulator. However, money data and other vital account save data, such as your skins, purchases and unlocks are stored on the Blockman Go game servers and cannot be modified or changed in any way using any tools, generators or other means. The only way would be to connect to a private, non-official, game server where you actually control the server and not just the game on your Android device.

Aimbots & ESP Cheats

While not applicable to all Blockman Go game modes / mini games, aimbots and wallhacks are some of the most powerful cheats available in the game allowing you to get easy kills, find and escape enemies easily, find valuable loot and items and gain other significant advantages over other players. Both auto aiming bots and wallhacks are probably the most coveted feature in any APK mod for Blockman Go and is one of those cheating functions that can pretty much never get patched, as the gaming device any 3D game will always need to have advanced information about a players surroundings and the map in order to display the game correctly and simulate game physics. Overall, the best mod to use for any kind of shooter or FPS minigame, any game mode featuring bows and other ranged weapons and useful for seeing other players through walls, finding loot and hidden objects more readily.

Mod Menus

The most premium of mods are generally developed by the best programmers in the game hacking space, offer the easiest installation process, the most and most varied features, most powerful trainer options, fastest updates, best support and of course the namesake in-game menu that allows players to turn individual hacks on and off and customize their mod menu functions. – While most of these mod menus are locked behind premium subscriptions, they may be well worth is if you are looking for software that is safe to use, stays undetected, gets updated reliably and quickly and offers the least risk to you as a player overall. There are free versions available for download in most cases, but these will usually be lite versions that have a limited number of features.

Emulator + Mouse & Keyboard Controls

Most mobile games take measures to block people from playing them on emulators, because emulation makes it extremely easy to use game hacks, mods, memory editor tools and data modification. Emulators can even enable mouse & keyboard controls, which are a huge unfair advantage in their own right. However, since all these emulation countermeasures are exclusively client-sided, they can be remedies or deleted using APK modding and the best of mod APKs will indeed include features to make Blockman Go playable on emulators and enabling mouse & keyboard controls for much easier controller input over the traditional Android mobile touchscreen. This is doubtless one of the features that deserves much more recognition and infamy as it currently receives, as PC emulator controls are simply so much more accurate and quick than any mobile device controller inputs currently can be.

How to install

  1. Enter ‘Blockman Go’ + ‘current version of the game’ + ‘APK’ into the search
  2. You will be shown the latest downloads for Blockman Go  APK mods
  3. Tap the result that seems to match your needs most
  4. Check the comments to see if the mod is still working
  5. Download the APK + OBB files
  6. Follow the installation instructions carefully to install the mod
  7. Enjoy

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