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An APK Mod for Free Fire (FF by Garena) is by far the most popular cheating method out there, as it is not only relatively easy to download and install, but offers all of the most sought-after game hacks players can expect. – While there are many legitimate and working cheating methods and features available for Free Fire on Android, such as aimbots / auto aim, wallhacks, ESP / VAC cheats, radar tools and similar overpowered features, any mods or generators that offer unlimited free diamonds (gems), unlimited money (coins), free in-app purchases, free skins and god modes are impossible and will therefore never work.

Free Fire Mod APK

The use of mods is currently the easiest and most accessible game hacking method available to Free Fire players, especially when compared to the alternative methods, such as the use of game hacking tools that work by a much more involved and sophisticated process: APK mods for Android can be downloaded and installed in a matter of minutes and will work until the FF game app receives and update, at which point the mod will need to be updated. – Modding, the process by which these mods are made is quite a complex process by which the original Garena Free Fire game app is decompiled, reverse-engineered, modified, then recompiled into an installable APK file that comes with game hack features backed right into the games source code. Legit downloads will usually include an APK file and an OBB file and both will be required to install the modified game client correctly. While in theory it is possible to install modded games with no root required, most Android mobile gaming devices will not allow editing or replacing of system files without admin access to the device.

Possible Features

As Free Fire is an online multiplayer mobile shooter, the possible mod features are limited by the data that is processed on the game client vs. the game servers. The possible cheats may change over time and depend on what build you are playing on, but in general you can expect these FF mod features to be possible:

  • Aimbot, auto aim, improved aim assist, aim lock, headshot hacks
  • Wallhacks, Chams, ESPs, VAC, extrasensory perception cheats allowing you to see loot and player though walls using colored boxes or skeletons to highlight people / loot.
  • Speedhacks
  • No clip / walking through walls, minor physics changes
  • Teleportation, short distance glitch teleporting may be possible
  • Map hacks / radar hacks / minimap tools
  • Enable mouse and keyboard controls (mostly for emulators)
  • Enable use of emulators
  • No spread / no recoil for guns
  • Headshot mods
  • Silent aim
  • Client-side skins hacks (only you can see the skins, other players cannot)

Impossible Mod Features

These features are often advertised by spammers / scammers and are impossible to activate in Free Fire due to server-side processing and other anti-cheat measures put in place by the developers over at Garena. If you see any of these features advertised, the tool / download is fake:

  • God mode / unlimited halth / unlimited ammo
  • Invisibility / become invisible
  • Unlimited free Diamonds / Coins / Money
  • Free in-game Purchases
  • Free Skins / Season Pass / Loot boxes
  • Spawn items
  • Damage Hacks
  • Anti-ban / never get banned / get unbanned
  • Unlock all characters, pets, emotes, skins
  • Skin hacks / other players can see your skins


Auto aim or aimbots are arguably the most powerful feature that will often come packaged with the best of APK mods for Free Fire. Of course what auto aiming apps do is quite obvious: they will either allow users to automatically lock their aim to the closest enemy in sight, improve auto aim radius and speed or otherwise make aiming trivial through a variety of different vectors. Some aimbots will shoot automatically, some can be configured to go for headshots only (headshot hack), some will allow users to shoot manually, while only locking on to targets and some will simply take the already present aim lock / aim-assist function in Garena Free Fire and turn it up to 10. The only real downsides to aimbotting is that this kind of cheat is extremely easy to detect and ban if abused, drawing reports like a magnet and that this kind of feature tends to make the game too trivial, rendering it less fun to win those chicken dinners, amassing lots of diamonds, coins, skins and other rare stuff. Overall, a great feature to see in any modded APK, but not without its risks and downsides.

Wallhack / ESP / Radar Hacks

As one might imagine, seeing through walls can be quite useful in a battle royale game like Free Fire, making survival and getting kills easier, camping and detecting campers easy and being able to see loot, especially rare loot and supply drops from far away and through walls and terrain is of course extremely OP as well. Invisible objects and players are usually highlighted using colored overlays, chams, boxes, squares, skeletons or similar highlights. – Overall, wallhacks, ESP mods and radar hacks are probably the most fun, risk-free and underrated kind of hack to use in any mobile shooter game including FF, as the sense of skill and achievement is not eliminated completely, but one is still able to gain significant unfair advantages over the competition, get more kills, survive, farm more free stuff ect. Radar cheats will do pretty much the same thing, but will instead use a minimap or radar map in order to show your position relative to enemies.

Free Diamonds, Coins, Money Mod & Free Purchases

While of course it would be quite enjoyable to be able to get such extremely powerful cheats as unlimited free diamond purchases, free coins (money), free fire pass, skins unlocks, free loot boxes and free in-game purchases, these options are entirely, 100% impossible due to server-side processing of account save data and vital game data alike. – Any tools, mods, generators or downloads that advertise money mods and similar features must never be trusted, as they are certainly fake, likely to be malware and will certainly not be worth the time it takes to try. If one for whatever reason simply must insist to try one of these downloads or tools, we recommend it is done using an emulator and alt account to keep ones main Android mobile gaming device safe.

Mod Menus

While most mods will simply activate special features right out of the box, they will generally not offer any special user interface to customize ones Free Fire game hacks. However, mod menus are the most premium APK mods available, made by the most experienced and seasoned developers in the game cheating industry, packed with the most features, updated most quickly and coming with powerful features, such as auto aim, wallhacks, chams, radar, auto loot and more. Generally mod menus will be premium access, but very often will offer limited free versions as well for free users to download. Mod menus can also be implemented using game hacking tools, such as GameGuardian APK through the use of trainers or LUA scripts.

Emulator Enable / Mouse + Keyboard Mod

Any mobile multiplayer online shooter worth its salt is taking steps to disable their games from working on any Android emulators, since those can enable player to use mouse and keyboard controls, which are of course a lot faster, more accurate and overall insanely effective at aiming, movement and performing better in the game. – In fact, it can easily be argued that with aim-assist in place being able to use mouse and keyboard control in Free Fire is just as overpowered as using an aimbot and that seems not that much of a stretch. So another very underrated feature to look for in any modified APK / hacked APK for FF is enabling the use of emulators and mouse and keyboard control options.

How to install

  1. Enter ‘Free Fire’ + ‘current version of the game’ + ‘APK’ into the search
  2. You will be presented with the latest updated APK mods for Free Fire
  3. Go to the site of the legitimate provider
  4. Check the comments to see if the mod is still working
  5. Download the APK + OBB files
  6. Follow the installation instructions carefully
  7. Enjoy

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