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Game Hacker APK / SB Game Hacker APK is a very basic game memory editor for Android devices that allows you to easily scan for money values and change them. A game modding tool that is very easy to use without holding your hand. – ROOT is required, but can be used with NO ROOT using virtualization.

About SB Game Hacker

This awesome game cheating app was created by a team calling themselves SBTools, hence the name SB Game Hacker APK, or Game Hacker (short). We do not currently know too much about the creators, except that they are probably Chinese, as the license agreement is written in mandarin.

Game Hacker is certainly your best option among memory editors, if you have never used one before and want to start trying to hack games. – This app will guide you through the process without requiring to bring and experience or prior knowledge about memory editing to the process. The app automatically attaches to the game process, and seamlessly guides you through scanning for values without any tutorials or holding your hands, simply through an intuitive and frankly geniously well-crafted user interface.

Overall, SB Game Hacker is highly recommended for beginners and pros alike.


  • Most beginner-friendly app to hack games, easy to use, easy to understand.
  • Intuitive and simple user interface that looks and feels good.
  • Multiple different search modes and value types, very comprehensively explained process.
  • Normal Mode (NM): For searching for a single known value of one data type.
  • Combined Mode (CM): For searching several values in a set range.
  • Fuzzy Scan Mode (FZ): For searching values according to numerical variation (increased, decreased, unchanged ect)
  • De-Encryption Scan Mode (DE): For searching encrypted values.
  • Supported value types  : DWord (0 – 4294967295), Word (0-65535), Float (decimal points), Depth/Auto (auto select value type).
  • Fastest scanning times among memory editors on Android so far.
  • Auto update functionality.
  • No highly advanced game hacking functionality, but covers the basics for sure.
  • Can be used with no root using virtualization apps.
  • Decent game hacking tool for getting unlimited gems, coins, money and other goodies.

How to use

  1. In order to hack single player games (not online) on your Android device using Game Hacker, make sure that your device is ROOTED. – This process will not work at all if no root permission is given to the app.
  2. Install Game Hacker APK and give it root privileges.
  3. Start the game where you want to get unlimited money, gems, items, score ect. Make sure the values are clearly visible if you are not familiar with Fuzzy search.
  4. Tap the Game Hacker icon at the top left side of you screen to upen up the app and start scanning for the value you would like to change in the game. Enter the value and tap the search button. (Make sure the app is in NM (Normal Mode) and scanning for Auto / Depth (Value Type).
  5. The app will now advise you to change the value in game and enter the changed value. Do this: Change the value using gameplay mechanics and enter it, press the search button again.
  6. Repeat this until Game Hacker shows you a list of corresponding values, you can now change them to 9999999 or whatever value you like.
  7. Congratulations, you just hacked an Android game.
  8. Now you can start experimenting with all the other awesome search modes and functions that this tools offers and become even better at memory editing.

How to install

  1. Go to  your Android Settings > Security > Allow App installs from Unknown Sources
  2. Download SB Game Hacker and install it
  3. If your phone is rooted, you are ready to go