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GameCIH is an older memory editor that has been used to modify game values for ages. It is the original memory editor on Android that still works well for creating your own game cheats. – ROOT is required, but can be used with NO ROOT if you use virtualization container apps.

About GameCIH

GameCIH is the original memory editor for Android. Created many years, (around 7-10 years, CIH itself is even older and has been since at least 2006) ago in Taiwan by a talented programmed going by the alias CIH<SoftwareMagician>, CIH allegedly standing for the company/collective he/she is a part of. GameCIH APK is not only one of the first memory editors for Android, but also one of the most easy to use tools and for a long time was the most popular tool for money cheats in Android games.

While GameCIH APK lacks a lot of the advanced functionality that more recent software, it has the distinct advantage that it will work for older devices that run outdated versions of the Android OS that newer, more advanced value editors and game hacker tools are not compatible with. So if you have that old phone that just won’t be able to run app like GameGuardian, Game Gacker ect, then GameCIH is the way to go for you.

Aside from that the app has not seen any updates for years and probably will not get updated any more either. Recommended for old hardware/software and if nothing else works for you.


  • Search for exact game values (money, gold, gems ect)
  • Store memory values.
  • Change memory values.
  • Easy money hacks for a lot of offline games.
  • Works for older Android OS and devices too.
  • Lightweight app and easy to use.
  • Can work with no root, if you use a virtual container app.
  • Works on most emulators.

How to use

  1. Start GameCIH APK
  2. Go into your game app and open up GameCIH
  3. Make sure GameCIH is connected to your Game app
  4. Enter the exact value you want to change in the game
  5. Start the scan, then go back to the game
  6. Change the value you are looking to hack in the game through gameplay means
  7. Scan again for the new value and repeast this process until you are left with less than 10 values
  8. Now change the value(s) to 9999999 or whatever
  9. Congratulations, you just made your own cheat using GameCIH

How to install

  1. Got to your Android Settings > Security > Allow app installation from Unknown Sources (important)
  2. Install the GameCIH APK file
  3. Start GameCIH and you Game and Start cheating!

GameCIH is not working WHY?

GameCIH has not been updated for 3-8 years, so that is not at all surprising. The problem is most likely that your OS/device are too new and I would recommend that you try downloading GameGuardian or SB Game Hacker instead here at At this point, the app is exclusively useful for old phones and emulators.