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Hack App Data APK or Hack App Data Pro is a great app for hacking Android games by modifying or editing temporary game files, databases and game RAM memory. This game is perfect for those looking to cheat in Android games, will generally require a root, but can be run without root in a virtual environment app.

About Hack App Data

Hack App Data is a vital tool for game hackers looking to cheat in Android games, as it offers unique tools for modifying game data: Not by scanning game memory, but by browsing temporary game data, which can be just as effective in getting overpowered game cheats working on Android as memory editors.

Hack App Data Pro can only be used properly if your Android game is running, as the temporary files, game data and databases only exist once the game is running. Root privileges or a virtual environment are also needed to use this powerful app to mod games.

The app is able to modify temporary game data, such as variables, databases and even temporary game files found in your game memory. Overall, this is one of the most accessible game hacking tools for Android out there and is especially recommended for newbies and beginners that are intimidated by the relative complexity of other Android game hack apps.


  • Modify temporary game data
  • Modify temporary game files
  • Modify temporary game databases
  • Create and restore data backups
  • Root required
  • Modify any game on Android for cheating purposes

How to use

  1. Run app / game you want to hack
  2. Select (game) app from ‘user apps’ or ‘system apps’
  3. Modify data, databases and files
  4. Close game
  5. Close Hack App Data (Pro)
  6. Launch game to see changes

How to install

  1. Got to your Android Settings > Security > Allow installation from Unknown Sources
  2. Download the Hack App Data (Pro) File and install it
  3. Grant root privileges
  4. Start Hack App Data
  5. Enjoy

Description by the Developers

Hack App Data is a super tool that can help us to hack apps’ data for fun. It could view some deep information of an app as well as what data is saved for the app inside Android system. Technically speaking, it can view, backup and restore data saved in SharedPreferences and Sqlite databases.

Static Hacking Overview
In the main page, there are 2 buttons named ‘User Apps’ and ‘System Apps’, click either of them to show apps list.
In apps list, we could click an app to show the data overview page for the app. There are 3 tabs: Basic Info, Preference and Database. (Please refer to the following picture)

  • ‘Basic Info’ shows some general information for the app like package name, apk size, apk build time, installation time, etc.
  • ‘Preference’ shows data saved in SharedPreferences which is provided by Android system to make data persistence easier for developers. For example, the settings are most likely saved here. And, some games also use this place to save important data like highest score, as it is really easy to save data in SharedPreferences.
  • ‘Database’ is easy to understand. Android provides sqlite for developers, and this tab shows databases contained inside the app. (When click a database, tables inside the database will be shown; and when click an table, records inside the table will be shown.)

Modify App Data
Take myself ‘Hack App Data’ as the example.
Click ‘Preference’, here is an item named admob and com.gmail.heagoo.appdm_preferences (If it is not there, you could change some settings and try again).
And then click ‘com.gmail.heagoo.appdm_preferences’, we can see ‘AppListOrder’ and ‘BackupNumber’ here. It corresponds to the 2 setting options.
Click ‘BackupNumber’, we could change the number as we want.
Some games would like to save highest score here. In such case, we could hack it. (Please note such modification may corrupt the data, you’d better make a backup first)

Backup and Revert App Data
Backup and revert allow us to recover an app to some history points. For example, if you need to reinstall(uninstall and then install) an app without data losing, you could make a backup first and do a revert after reinstallation.
To revert an app to a backup, click the back image in the backup list.
This tool is just designed to help you to hack apps’ data, use it at your own risk. please note:

  • ROOT is needed to view the app data.
  • It cannot view data saved in other places, like saved on network server, on sdcard (self defined files), etc.
  • Backup means to save a copy for all files under data directory of the app.