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Lucky Patcher APK allows you to very easily create modded APKs from games installed on your device: Implement cheats, get free InApp purchases, free gems, god modes, Level emulation, remove ads from games, disable license verification and a lot more. It also allows you to install system apps for cheating if you phone is rooted. To create hacked APKs through Lucky Patcher NO ROOT is required.

About Lucky Patcher

The original creator and the main developer for Lucky Patcher APK seems to be a guy called “ChelpuS” who seems to be incredibly talented and continues to update the app to this day. He seems to also be one of the founders of the modded Play Store that allows users to install hacked apps, unlicensed APKs and the more “rare” variety of Android apps for sure.

When it comes to cheating in Android games, Lucky Patcher is certainly a must have for anyone looking to be able to gain the edge: Not only does it allow you to apply custom patches, enable level and purchase emulation for tons of offline games, but it also allows you to install system apps, which is incredibly crucial if you are looking to use advanced game hacking techniques, such as fake GPS data, data and database modding, advanced memory editing, messing with the Android system clock ect.

And the best thing about the app is that on top of all the functionality that can be used to mod games, it also helps you customize apps in general, disable inApp ads, solve problems with compatibility in emulators and force any app on your device to uninstall. And of course, a root is entirely optional with Lucky Patcher as well, which makes it beginner friendly.


  • Create Modded / Hacked Game APKs with one tap.
  • Patch game APKs with cheating options implementation.
  • Patch InApp Purchase Emulation (Free purchases just like in CreeHack or Freedom)
  • Disable Google Ads in Games. Remove all ads from your APKs.
  • Install other game cheating apps as system apps (if root)
  • Creating patched game apps does not require root (no root).
  • Remove License verification from any app.
  • Solve incompatibility issues through custom patches.
  • Works on a lot of offline games, some online, but only very few online game apps.
  • One of the most versatile game hacking apps for android mobile.
  • Access to modded playstore that has some exclusive apps interesting for modding games as well.
  • The easiest and most accessible tool for hacking games to use for beginner cheaters.
  • Frequent updates, so the app keeps working for all popular games.
  • Best APK patcher tool for cheating in Android mobile games.
  • No root required, but rooted device will unlock more features.

How to use

  1. Download Lucky Patcher APK.
  2. In security options “allow unknown app sources” to be able to install it.
  3. Install and start Lucky Patcher.
  4. Tag the game you want to cheat in.
  5. Tap “Create Modified APK File”.
  6. Tap “Apk rebuild for InApp and LVL Emulation”
  7. Enable the patches you want (usually LVL emulation + InApp Emulation)
  8. Rebuild the app, N1,N2 Success, then install the modified APK
  9. Uninstall the original app.
  10. Start the game.
  11. Enjoy your modded game cheats: free stuff and cheat enabling.

Of course the possibilities don’t end here. Over time you will learn more useful applications of Lucky Patcher. However, keep in mind that patches will usually not work for online games and will not work for 100% of offline game either. Just like other cheating apps, it works on a lot of apps, but not all of them, which is why you should run other apps as well to increase your chances of successfully implementing your game cheat.

How to install

  1. Go to  your Android Settings > Security > Allow App installs from Unknown Sources
  2. Download Lucky Patcher and install it
  3. If you want install system apps, you will need a root, for patching no toot is required

Is it possible to hack Android Games with NO ROOT using Lucky Patcher?

Yes, it is possible to create modded APKs using Lucky Patcher and enabling cheats, mods and free shop purchases are possible. However, the rate of success in very low with no root implemented, since it will only work with certain patches of certain games. So while it is possible, it is not likely in our experience.