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An APK Mod for PUBG New State (PUBGNS) is the most prolific cheat in the game due to their relative simplicity and efficiency when compared to other game hacking methods. – While a huge and vibrant variety of legitimate and working mods exist, such as wallhacks, aimbots, ESP cheats and others, any mods, generators and hacks for unlimited free NC (gems) and BP (money) are sadly impossible and therefore fake and will never work.

PUBG New State Mod APK

Modding is by far the easiest and most accessible cheating methods available in New State on Android for the most players, as it offers all the game hacking potential of other methods, such as tools and scripts, but with a far more simple installation process than the alternative methods of gaining unfair advantages in the game. – APK mods are made by decompiling and reverse-engineering the original PUBG New State APK file from the playstore, then modifying the app to come with cheat features right out of the box after installation. Usually downloads include the APK mod file and an .OBB file, which are both necessary for properly and correctly installing the app and getting it to work in online play. Overall, mods are a great way to get more kills, wins, more free NC, BP, money, season pass points, chicken medals, skins, crates / loot boxes and other goodies.

Possible Features

These are the client-side mod features that are potentially / likely possible in the Android version or PUBG New State. Of course what data is processed or checked by the servers can change with any update, making previously feasible cheat features unfeasible at any time. However, generally these should be possible APK options:

  • Aimbots, auto aim, improved aim assist
  • Wallhacks, ESP, VAC cheats for seeing through walls and easy looting
  • Speedhacks
  • Noclip / walking through walls
  • Short teleportation, Long teleports probably impossible due to server checks
  • Map hacks / Radar hacks
  • Mouse and Keyboard usable
  • Emulator usable
  • No spread / No recoil
  • Headshot mods
  • Silent aim

Impossible Features

These mod features for PUBGNS will never be possible outside of extremely rare exploits due to server-side processing and server checks:

  • God mode / unlimited health
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Invisibility / become invisible
  • Unlimited free NC / infinite BP
  • Unlimited Chicken Medals / Free Season Pass and Premium Plus
  • Free in-app purchases / free in-game shop purchases
  • Damage hacks
  • Item spawning / add items
  • Unlock all skins & costumes
  • Free Season Pass
  • Anti-Ban, if you get reported, you will get banned


Auto aiming features come packaged with most good APK mods and will enable users to automatically lock on to targets with their crosshairs much more easily, allowing them to get more kills, survive longer, get more rewards, BP, NC and other goodies from ever round. Some aimbots will allow the user to shoot manually, others will do it automatically; some aiming tools are using improved aim assist instead of a bot. A decent aimbot can be configured to act as a headshot hack, go for body shots, aim instantly, slowly and will come with advanced anit-ban features to hide the aim bot in order to make reports and account bans less likely. However, it always pays to use aimbots with caution and respect for the game and its players to decrease the chances of a permanent account ban. Krafton are quite proficient at banning game hackers from PUBG New State, so caution is advised when using this APK feature.

ESP / Wallhack / Radar Hack

Seeing through walls is quite useful in any shooter, including battle royale 3rd person shooters like PUBG mobile and PUBG New State, which is why ESP cheats, radar hacks, VAC, chams, overlays, colored boxes and similar mod cheating options are quite popular and arguably some of the most enjoyable cheats to use in the game. – Not only does seeing enemies, loot, vehicles and explosives though walls make getting kills and loot easier, it also allows you to survive easily, get care packages, avoid and find enemies ect. In peek battles you will always know where someone will peek, allowing for preaiming shots. Overall, almost as powerful as aiming software, but more fun, because the skill and achievement of mechanical game skill is not eliminated entirely from the game.

Mod Menu

Premium mods that come with in-game menus for toggling individual game hack options, customization and more options are called mod menus.- These are generally the highest quality mods from the best developers in the business coming the the most advanced technology and features, quicker updates, live support, streamlined and newbie-friendly installation, more features and overall easier process of use. Such advanced mods may also offer support for emulators and keyboard and mouse controls, but generally they are locked behind a subscription. However, free versions of the APK mod menus may be available for free users to download.