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The #1 Best Android Game Hacking Tool 2017 - Video Tutorial

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GameGuardian - The Best Android Game Hacking Tool in 2017?

GameGuardian APK is in all probability the best tool for hacking Android offline and online games at this very moment and offers more functions than any of the competition. – ROOT is required.

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- Scanning for a lot of different value types, able to find almost any game Currenty, Helath, Gems and Skill Points.
- Able to find and edit hidden or encrypted values and change or freeze them.
- Speedhacks: slow time, speed games up
- Stealth game hacking features. App installs camouflaged dupe app to hide from online game anti-cheating software.
- Ideal tool for getting unlimited money in offline games, harder to use on online games, unless you know what you are doing.
- Advanced functions for power users: Offsets to find Memory Values, potential future table / trainer functions.
- Runs on x64 and x86 devices without issue.
- Android system clock change for skipping game time.


So far GameGuardian is without a doubt the best Android game cheating tool out there and the closest thing you can get to a legitimate Cheat Engine for Android. It is worth a download for anyone who is brave enough to learn some very basic game modding, value editing and has some patience to get cheats to work.
However, if you don’t want to learn, have no patience or want to cheat in online games, this tool is probably not for you, since unlimited money / god mode hacks are impossible in online games and this is a tool: That means if you want to use this app to cheat in your game, you will need to use the tool to do it yourself.
Overall, we love GG (GameGuardian) and highly recommend it.

Game Cheating Software / Memory Editor / Video Tutorial

How to use

  1. To use GameGuardian to cheat in singleplayer offline games, make sure your device is ROOTED. (Use an emulator to avoid bricking your actual device).
  2. Install GameGuardian as a system app with root privileges. (Needed to edit other apps, impossible without.) Start GG.
  3. Start a game where you have some kind of money, health, gems ect that you want to get unlimited of.
  4. Tap the GG icon and then search to scan the game app for the value you want to change.
  5. Once you have a list, continue playing the game to make the value change in order to scan again and narrow down the list of possible values.
  6. Scan again among your list for the new value and repeat until you are left with less than 3 values for you money, health ect.
  7. Now tap and change the value.
From here you can start experimenting with hidden values, fuzzy search, encrypted data and a lot more until you are a real pro Android game hacker.

GG Video Tutorial

Does Game Guardian require NO ROOT? (spoiler:no, it does)