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The Original Free Game Purchase App for Android - Video Tutorial
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Freedom APK is a sort of game cheating app that covers a whole bunch of offline games and allows you to complete purchases of gem, in game items, money and other perks without any payment methods connected to your account. Freedom APK is the original Play Store fake payment emulator and arguably the best one too. – Requires a ROOTed device!

Freedom APK Features

- Free in goodies in games.
- Works for singleplayer Games.
- Does not work for server-validated games (online games)
- Covers more games than any other app.
- Easy to use. Tap the app and go.
- Undetected and legal everywhere, since it is basically a memory edit for gems.

About Freedom App

While it is not 100% clear who the original creator of Freedom APK is/was, some rumors point to a guy called Zond80, who seems to be a Russian developer according to GitHub and is currently working on a “in-app-proxy: Apple In-App purchases store emulator for iOS < 6” written in PHP. – So it is entirely, if not likely that he is the original creator of the app.

After the release of Freedom App, it went viral to say the least and has since become one of the most recognized and popular game cheating apps for Android devices period. It was also the predecessor for CreeHack, which is an app that basically does the same as Freedom (emulate/simulate purchases), but does it without necessarily requiring a rooted device. – Despite that fact, Freedom APK is still about 3 times more popular than its descendant (according to Google Trends), which is quite the achievement.

We highly recommend this app and are waiting patiently for any other awesome tools that Zond80 may or may not throw out there on the internets.

How to use Freedom APK

  1. Download the APK.
  2. Install the APK and grant it root access.
  3. Star the APK.
  4. Start the game you want to “purchase”, or rather get free stuff in.
  5. Purchase the stuff.
  6. Click pay and you won’t be charged.
  7. Just to be extra safe, in case the app fails for some reason, make sure you have no payment methods attached to your account. (I never had it fail, but you never know.)
  8. Keep in mind that it does not work for games that handle player data server-side.
  9. Have fun.

Freedom APK / Freedom Video Tutorial

Does Freedom APK require NO ROOT? (spoiler:no, it does)
Freedom APK not working FIX

How install Freedom App

  1. Go to your Android Settings > Security > Allow App installs from Unknown Sources
  2. Download Freedom APK and install it
  3. Go to Freedom APK > Settings > And disable playstore updates
  4. Uninstall all playstore updates or download an early version of playstore, such as version 7, if your playstore is updated plast version 9, Freedom will not work.
  5. You can now use Freedom APK

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Freedom APK is not working. What do I do? How to Fix?
The most likely cause for Freedom APK not working is that your Play Store has updated and therefore the exploit that Freedom APK uses is patched. You need to go into Freedom > Settings > Disable Play Store Updates > Enable to disable playstore updates. Then go into your Settings > Apps > Play Services > Uninstall Updates the goal hereby is to get the version of your Google Play Store below version 10. If that is not possible, you need to uninstall the store entirely and install an older APK version of the play store.

Does Freedom APK work on Online Games for free Gems/Money?
No, it generally does not. Online games use servers to authenticate purchases before changing any values on the game servers, making it pretty much impossible, except for incredibly rare exploits to get free purchases in any online Android mobile game. And if it ever works, it usually gets patched within a day or two.

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