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The Best Memory Editor has finally come to Android. - Video Tutorial

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Cheat Engine APK is the long awaited sibling of the best PC game hacking software out there. The Android version was released in 2015 and has only been getting better ever since. Another powerful memory editor for Android games. – ROOT is required.

Cheat Engine Features

- Released by the most trusted game hacking tools experts on earth over at
- Scanning for a wide range of value typed (2byte, 4byte, 8byte, , float, double, string, hex values, ect).
- Allows scanning for all value types.
- Works for the latest Android OS versions.
- Allows for import of Tables / Trainers.
- Attaches to any process running on your Android device.
- Easy changing and saving of memory locations/values.
- Currently does not work on emulators. (not really a feature)
- Huge future potential considering the caliber of the authors.

About CheatEngine

Cheat Engine APK for Android is an awesome game chating tool from the most highly trusted source there is when it comes to memory editing tools: Dark Byte, the administrator and one of the core administrators over at Cheat Engine, which has been the #1 game hacking software on PC for over 10 years. Suffice it to say that at this point, Cheat Engine for Android is the most trustworthy app on the planet considering the V.I.P. status of its creators in the game trainer / cheating community.

Even though this tool does not yet quite measure up to other memory editors for the platform, it is none the less a quite functional and practical tool to change memory values in games with the potential for the use of trainer files / cheat tables, that are able to circumvent a lot of the manual value editing and scanning. The tool is still being worked on and being patched by Dark Byte himself, one of the best in the business and you can expect nothing less than greatness from him.

Overall, we love anything Cheat Engine and the APK version is no exception.

How to use Cheat Engine

  1. In order to use Cheat Engine to edit values and get cheats/trainers working in single player/offline games, you will need a ROOTED device, else it will simply not work.
  2. Install the Cheat Engine App on your device.
  3. Star the game you are looking to hack. Find a value that is visible and you want to change (ex. Money, health, gems, skill points ect).
  4. Start Cheat Engine and select “Launch ceserver and connect locally (requires root)” ignore the remote system option it is not useful to you at all.
  5. Go into your game and tap the CE icon that is now displaying as an overlay on your game.
  6. Allow Cheat Engine to automatically attach itself to your game app process or select your game manually. You are now ready to start scanning for the value you want to hack.
  7. Pause your game and scan for the value you want to change. If you don’t know the value type, set it to all, if you don’t know the value, set it to “unknown initial value”.
  8. To narrow down the list go back into your game, unpause, change the value through gameplay, go back to CE and scan again until you are left with <10 values.
  9. Once you narrowed down the potential values, add them from your scan list to your address list, change them to 999999 or whatever you want, activate the checkbox next to them and there you go.
  10. Congrats, you can now start learning how to create and use trainers / tables ect.

Cheat Engine / CE Video Tutorial

How install CheatEngine

  1. Go to your Android Settings > Security > Allow App installs from Unknown Sources
  2. Download Creehack APK and install it
  3. Creehack is ready to be used

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