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iGameGuardian is the little iOS version brother/sister of the best game hack tool on mobile and allows you to easily search and edit your gold, money, gems and get cheats working in almost any iOS game. – Jailbreak Required. Cannot be used with no jailbrake.

About iGameGuardian

iGameGuardian comes from the same team of developers that created GameGuardian for Android and it is the iOS version of that app. It is a lightweight, simple, efficient and effective memory editor for any iOS game that easily allows users to change values, such as money/gold, gems, xp, skill points ect in their favorite offline mobile games on iOS. As of this time there are multiple versions of the app available in different repositories, such as iOS7, iOS8, iOS9 and iOS10 versions. The repos that feature the lastest version of the app are constantly changing, so if you want the latest and greatest of this app, you need to do some research.

As any memory editor, iGameGuardian will only be able to modify memory values that are actually on your device, making it impossible to hack money and gems in online games. Also the app will require a jailbroken device, as it is not possible for any app to edit other apps memory without a jailbreak.

Generally, iGG is a great app, but as always we do recommend that if you jailbreak a device and install custom apps, then you do this on an old device that is not connected to your main apple account.


  • Easy Value Search (auto mode, integer 16/31/64, float 16/31/64) state of the art
  • Different iGG versions compatible with iOS 7/8, iOS 9/10 and more in different repos.
  • 100% free download, no ads
  • Works for most offline games
  • Exact number search mode
  • Fuzzy search for unknown initial values (>=< ect)
  • Advanced settings, toggle system app editing
  • Memory list, value editing ect
  • iOS version of the best mobile game memory editor
  • Best way to get unlimited money, coins, gold, gems, crystals, rubies and cash in your iOS mobile games.

How to use

  1. Star Up iGameGuardian
  2. Tap ‘Application’ to connect iGG to a game process
  3. Then tap ‘Search’
  4. Set the search mode to ‘auto’, most common value type is integer64, but auto will catch them all
  5. Enter the value/number you would like to hack
  6. Wait for the search to finish, then tab pack to the game
  7. Change the number through gameplay
  8. Back to iGameGuardian and search for the new value
  9. Repeat this process until you have <12 values at leat
  10. Now select the value(s) and change them to 999999999 or whatever
  11. Congratulations, you hacked a game using iGG, now play around with Fuzzy search to hack health bars, xp bars and so on searching for unknown values to master the art of memory editing.

How to install

  1. Jailbreak your Device (use an old phone, please. Don’t use your main apple account, please)
  2. Install the Cydia app bundle/app store for jailbroken devices
  3. Got to Cydia > Sources > Edit > Add > enter ‘http://mohadu31.com’ > add
  4. Navigate to the mohadu31 repo
  5. Search for iGameguardian and install the app
  6. iGameGuardian can be found in dozens of other repos as well